Services We Offer

Innovation Assessment

Carlos Barroso and his team will conduct a thorough analysis of your company’s innovation capabilities and provide a detailed overall assessment of your product development life cycle opportunities from ideation to commercialization and actionable recommendations. 
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Open Innovation Network

CJB and Associates has direct experience building R&D networks with 100’s of external research partners around the world. We can tailor build a network for your R&D needs giving you a powerful body of best in the world scientists and engineers. Create layers of competitive advantage by building proprietary technology from leading experts.
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New Product Development

CJB and Associates can help you create successful new products from ideation to commercialization.
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Quality Assurance, Regulatory and Safety Compliance

Whether it's bringing acrylamide levels down or performing a global food safety gap analysis, CJB and Associates can help you improve your regulatory and safety systems. We also know how to design and implement pragmatic and robust Quality Assurance programs to insure your consumers get the quality you desire.
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New Products and Services Ideation Sessions

CJB and Associates can help you kick start your innovation with a proven process for ideating against strategic areas of opportunity. We have worked with large and small companies to develop an innovation strategy thru ideation. The output is a short list of product and marketing concepts that have the potential for building incremental business. A typical session goes from 1-3 days depending on the scope. We begin by clarifying the innovation objectives and defining success. Ideas start close in and move well beyond the comfort zone.


  • Innovation Assessment
  • Open Innovation Network
  • New Product Development
  • Quality Assurance
  • New Product Ideation


"Carlos really gets Heath and Wellness. He understands how to leverage high quality ingredients and technology to develop food and beverage products that combined with a holistic approach to lifestyle, diet and exercise can have a meaningful impact on consumers’ health and wellness."

- Dr. Dean Ornish, Founder and President of the Preventive Medicine Research Institute and author of six best-selling books on Health and Wellness.


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CJB and Associates is a full service R&D Consulting firm specializing in consumer goods with deep knowledge of foods and beverages. We have a results oriented approach, blending strong analytical skills, intellectual curiosity and strategic thinking.

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CJB and Associates has a network of world class engineers, scientists, toxicologists, market research experts and Marketing executive that can help solve the toughest CPG or new product challenges. These are seasoned R&D and Marketing professionals all of whom have had extensive experience delivering results around the world.

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We have an extensive network of external research partners including universities and research institutes in the U.S., Europe, India, China, Mexico and Australia. Through our open innovation network we can bring in experts to help solve any technical product or process challenge.

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